Remote Control Cars Tested [Fashionable]17/05/2013 10.07.50
´╗┐Remote Control Cars Tested Buy a remote control car, and big kids of all ages will be fighting to have a go. What's more, the technology is moving fast in this market, so the latest models are better to drive than ever! Maintenance-free brushless motors and powerful liquid polymer (Li-Po) batteries - based on those in mobile phones - are giving the kind of speed once reserved for nitro-powered cars. But which is the model to put the driving thrills into your summer? To find out, we took 12 of the best to SP Models' Tamiya circuits at Snetterton Park in Norfolk. The Test Electric machines of all types are now back in fashion thanks to brushless technology, and we split our test group between kits you build and those that come ready to run (RTR) - the latter often with radio, batteries and charger included. Remote control cars are all about fun, so that was the priority for our test drivers. But we also wanted a challenge! Plus, we looked at build quality, modelling and value for money. This classic package thoroughly deserves to take its place on the top step of our podium. Our pick of the new brushless models was HPI's two-wheel-drive Firestorm. Not only do its bodyshell and mechanicals simply ooze quality, it's also incredible fun to drive quickly. Carson's four-wheel-drive E-Crasher truggy finishes in third position. We think it's an excellent introduction to the latest technology which won't break the bank.